Westside Stories Used Books, Games & Gifts

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We offer a wide variety of quality used books, literary t-shirts and bookish gifts in the heart of the West Side of Buffalo, NY. From Adiche to Zola, you'll find it here.


Our Building

We sometimes get asked about he building more than books, but it's easy to see why. We're attached to the Gardens on Grant Greenhouse.

Sweetness 7

There's a lot of great places in our neighborhood, but among them Sweetness 7 Cafe is special to us. We wouldn't have a bookshop without this place, as the Cafe's owner Prish was an inspiration to us. And frankly we might not even be here. When shopping for our house (a block away from our shop) we stopped at the then recently opened Cafe and realized that a big selling point on the neighborhood was proximity to this adorable little place. Our kids have grown up here. Literally...as 5 and 6 year olds they were so excited to go behind the counter with the owner to make their hot chocolate (and now they're just a few years away from being old enough to apply)!  Stop in for breakfast, lunch or quick coffee or beer to see what makes this place so special

Records, Skatesboards, Fashion...and Carpet

Each year it seems like one more cool new thing pops up in the neighborhood. Our block is home to G&L Flooring, a multi generational family owned flooring business, Black Dots Records, a great record shop that sells new and used vinyl and as well as cool used turntables and gear (and like any hip place it's easy to miss, in the basement of the buidling on the corner), Sunday Skateboard shop, the Pop In rental space, Freddy Js BBQ and Global Villages.

Bonus: we're just a few blocks a way from the Westside Bazaar which is one of Buffalo's hidden gems and Rust Belt Books, another used bookstore!