Westside Stories Used Books, Games & Gifts

Shop Small. Read Big.

We offer a wide variety of quality used books, literary t-shirts and bookish gifts in the heart of the West Side of Buffalo, NY. From Adiche to Zola, you'll find it here.

What To Expect

We typically do not buy books in cash, rather we offer store credit. 

Most books in our shop are priced between $3 and $7.  Typically, you can expect to get $.50-  $2 in store credit for good condition books we need.  If your book is rare and more valuable, we can work out a higher credit or cash price.  Many books that you bring in will be great books that we just can't use.  Please don't take it as a judgment on your taste-- it's a shelf space issue!

If you have more than one box of books, please try to bring them on a weekday.  We won't turn books away if it's the only day you can come, but we would strongly prefer not to take in large numbers of books on weekends.

If you do not want to drag your books in, feel free to snap a few photos of the spines and email them to us at info@westside-stories.com.

What We Typically Don't Take

  • encyclopedias;
  • reader's digest & Time Life series
  • most popular romance, mystery and crime thrillers (Patterson, Cornwell, Grisham, Brown, Twilight, etc.) unless it is the most recent book.
  • mass market (pocket size) paperbacks;
  • former library books;
  • most children's books.  If you just want to donate them, we will put them in our free kids bin.
  • books that have been exposed to water or smoke or heavily creased or soiled.
  • Hardcover books missing the dust jacket;
  • magazines, videos, CDs
  • college textbooks

Trade Credit Policies

We'd love to take all your books and give you all the books you want for them. Unfortunately, the fine folks at the electric and gas company won't trade with us too!  To help us convert your trades into the cash we need to keep the lights on, we've implemented the following trade credit policies, which can be summarized in two simple rules: we can't trade your used items for our new items and we can't trade our high demand books for books that have less customer demand. Easy enough, right? Here's the specifics:

  1. Trade credit can only be used to purchase used books. Items that cannot be purchased with trade credit includes gift items (e.g. bags, tiles, mugs), stationary & cards, games, food & drinks and clothing. Books being sold on consignment, current best sellers and used books from our rare, signed & collectible cases are also excluded. 
  2. Trade credit is valid for one year from date of issue. 
  3. Books left in the store for evaluation for trade credit that we don't purchase must be picked up within one week of notification of the credit issued. Books that are not picked up will be donated to the Goodwill or Salvation Army.
  4. Trade credit slips are transferable. Can't use it within a year or discarding books before a move? Give it to a friend.
  5. A credit slip must be presented to redeem credit. Slips that have been altered or are damaged to the point of illegibility are not redeemable.
  6. We reserve the right to refuse any book brought in for credit.
  7. Books purchased with trade credit do not earn punches on our frequent buyer punch cards.

What We Need

These are a  few books that are always in high demand and we may buy in cash ($1.00-2.00) or offer more trade credit:

  • Catch 22, Heller
  • Hillbilly Elegy
  • 48 Laws of Power, Greene
  • New Jim Crow, Alexander
  • All the Light We Cannot See, Doerr
  • Purity, Franzen
  • House  of Leaves, Danielewski
  • How Music Works, Byrne
  • Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up
  • Nightingale, Hannah
  • Underground Railroad, Whitehead
  • The Little Prince, Saint-Exupery
  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
  • Girls & Sex, Orenstein
  • Crasy Rich ASians, Kwan
  • We Gon Be Alright, Chang
  • Death and Life of Great American Cities, Jacobs
  • Well Tempered City, Rose
  • Hamilton, Chernow
  • Garden of Unforutnate Souls, Mark
  • Milk and Honey, Rupi Kaur
  • Ready Player One, Ernest Cline

Any by these authors

  • Murakami, Haruki
  • Adiche, Chimamanda
  • Ferrante, Elena
  • Hancock, Graham
  • Harari, Yuval Noah
  • Calvino, Italo
  • McCarthy, Cormac (except the Road)
  • Brown, Brene
  • Vonnegut, Kurt
  • Tom Robbins
  • Chuck Palaniuk
  • Neil Gaimen
  • David Foster Wallace
  • Charles Bukowski
  • Science/Math
    • Neil DeGrasse Tyson
    • Field Guides
    • Game Theory
  • Sci Fi/Fantasy:
    • George RR Martin
    • Douglas Adams
    • Ray Bradbury
    • Patrick Rothfuss
    • Octavia Butler
    • Anne Leckie
    • Phillip K Dick
    • Terry Pratchet
    • Brandon Sanderson
  • Philosophy:
    • Bertrand Russell
    • Theodor Adorno
    • Karl Jaspers
    • Michel Foucault
    • Soren Kierkegard
  • Non-Fiction Authors:
    • Bell Hooks
    • Alison Bechdel
    • Leslie Feinberg
    • Patti Smith
    • Howard Zinn
    • Neil Peart
    • Ta-Nihesi Coates
    • Noam Chomsky
    • Christopher Hitchens
  • Beat Authors
    • William S Burroughs
    • Allen Ginsburg
    • Herbert Huncke
  • Poetry
    • Sylvia Plath
    • Mary Oliver
    • Frank O'Hara
    • Pablo Neruda
    • Rumi
    • Billy Collins
    • William Carlos Williams
  • Religion/Theology/Spirituality
    • Thich Naht Hanh/Buddhism
    • Pema Chodron
  • Children's Books/YA
    • Dr. Seuss
    • Where the Wild Things Are
    • Shel Silvertein
    • Harry Potter series, particularly hardbacks
    • Mrs Perregrine's series

Also always interested in books on:

  • Paganism, Wicca, Magic and the Occult
  • Postcolonialism
  • Homebrewing/wine making
  • Local interest, books about Buffalo
  • Leather bound books, Easton Press, Franklin Library, etc.
  • Folio Society Books
  • Role Playing Games: Dungeons & Dragons (1st/2nd & 5th Editions), Traveller, Star Wars, White Wolf, Old TSR RGPs (e.g. Gamma World, Star Frontiers, Top Secret, Boot hill)
  • Graphic Novels
  • "33 1/3" or "a very short introduction" book series

Please note this list is not intended to act as offer to buy as our  stock levels can change quickly, but provide you a guide for the kinds of books typically look for.